Stitching Stories Hangout at Area Ninety

Stitching Stories Hangout at Area Ninety

Stitching Stories stands for togetherness, we want to involve you in everything we do. This now can be our lookbook photoshoot, but the next time it maybe is a spokenword night or something else. We want that people see and hear each other and that different worlds come together.

That's why we organized a hangout at Area Ninety in Rotterdam on January 21st. We we're part of this pop up store, in this store you could find beautiful furniture, paintings, vintage clothing and our most recent collection. Mandy from Wintage organized the Pop-up shop. 
In the store there is also the possibility to use the photoshoot area, so we created our webshop photo's here. But why not make it a hangout? 

We've started the day by creating our look book photo's, taken by Nathalie Westerveld. These photo's are now used for our renewed webshop. After the photoshoot everybody was welcome to hang and vibe with us at the store. We created some dope content and met beautiful people. 

This all comes together with our brand new website and visibility online, we are re-profiling and re-creating our brand appearance online. We've just started our brand 1,5 years ago and are now on to new beautiful projects.

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