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We all tell each other different stories through the way we dress. There are differences, but also similarities between different societies, which is expressed in clothing styles.

  • Stitching Stories @events

    Every year we attend and organize different events or "hang outs" with new capsule collections or other special projects. We can be found at Sneakerness, among other places and there are many other fairs coming up that we are a part of! Stay tuned, sign up for our monthly mailing and keep an eye on our website and socials. News & events

  • Borrow our special items

    In addition to our regular collections, we have certain garments that are not for sale. These items were created as the start for a collection or project and have been the research for a collection that is now for sale. You can borrow these items, for each event, photo or clip shoot we will discuss whether there are any costs involved. Klik here to borrow our items

  • Project Heritage

    The story often lies with a memory that a garment, material or product carries with it. But what happens to these garments and items once they no longer have a wearer or user? Usually it ends up in the closet or attic. What if you could turn this old garment, material or product can be made into a new garment? Then you can wear it again and give it a new place. Get more info

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